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See our new stunning design TRUC Board System now available for 2017/18 season for your build/assembly process leading you to a fast easy install. “Presto Install” is designed to assist you in a fast assembly process. The “Presto Install” is of course all relative to the amount of rink you desire. As an example if you wish a basic rink kit then your “Presto Install” would be a lesser amount of time invested than your TRUC Rink System “Presto Install”. We are sure when you admire the full TRUC System Ultimate Rink you would understand this rink would take longer to install. Presto Install is indeed directly related to the size of your Ultimate Rink and the amount of wow factor!! Real Rinks for Real Yards!! Get the Ultimost from your Ultimate.

The TRUC Corner with the 22.25″  height and 60″ arc length consists of 2 levels. The lower level TRUC Corner features a Puckboard Dasher that allows your puck to go round and inserts into our patented Liner Protection System. The lower level and the upper level are available separately. The upper level features a piece of Lexan (plexiglass). With our versatile Ultimate Ripple Wire connection process you are able to fasten many functional and aesthetic accessories to your Ultimate Rink TRUC  Corner System easily and quickly. It’s for you!

Our Ultimate Ripple Wire incorporated into the patented TRUC Rink System will assist in fastening of the following:

  1. signage for advertising or your family name
  2. rope lighting for night time skates and hockey
  3. extension cords for tidy and safety practices(you are responsible for all safety in regards to assembly and usage of your Ultimate Outdoor Rink)
  4. Lexan (plexi)
  5. Puckboard


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Weight 6 lbs
Dimensions 11 x 48 x 1 in


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