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After a quarter of a century we are proud of our value for money, amazing service and functional, durable, intuitive products. We are happy to partner in your success!!

We feature:

  • great labels on strong boxes  so your rink stuff arrives to you perfect
  • a great customer service team and their relentless pursuit of amazing service
  • our resident rink guru that has over 25 years experience….. and can answer any question about outdoor rinks
  • our amazing 7 ply poly and our factory direct pricing
  • the way we say thanks for putting your trust in us. Our yearly opportunity to win $1000 and tickets to a special event. The 2017/18 season will be bigger and better than ever. Are you feeling lucky?
  • and finally our Ultimate accessories that make “your rink” stop street traffic in it’s tracks!!

Real Rinks for Real Yards. Get your Ultimate today!!!!! A proud Canadian company.



Shipping Details

1. Free Liner Delivery 40’x72′ and under to all Canadian Provinces (AB, SK, MB, ON, QC, NB, NS) If you reside in Zone 6 (B.C.) and remote areas within ANY region then free shipping may not apply.

2. Free Liner Delivery 40’x 72′ and under to all  U.S. States


If you would like to see the ice rink liner price, or add to cart,  just click on your liner size choice  followed by Free Manual “yes” or  “no” .  And yes free delivery to the Canada and the U.S.A. for all liners 40 x 72 and under.



If you would like to see the ice rink liner price, or add to cart,  just click on your liner size choice.



Now about our 7 ply poly

Ice rink liners have been improved! In 2014, after spending close to 10 million dollars the factory has made massive steps into 21st century State of the Art Technology integrating all new equipment. All this allows for this excellent ice rink liner product to be made.  We are very fortunate to be the ONLY supplier of this product for the outdoor rink world. Simple Fact!!!!  We are “FACTORY DIRECT”

State of the art 7 layer technology

The Ultimate Rink Advanced Rink Poly

Our 2016/17 Ultimate Ice Rink Liners are the NEW Gold Standard.  Our amazing new white on white, multi-season heavy duty, 32′ wide, 40′ wide and 50′ wide ice rink liners are in stock and ready for immediate delivery. Our goal is to ship SAME DAY. During peak season 48 hours turn around time MAY be possible.  It’s all about our relentless pursuit of remarkable customer service. 

If you want the fastest and easiest delivery,  use our automated online  UPS  system.  Your order will get priority but the special shipping offers DO NOT apply. In non peak season, (from January to October) please indicate if you require a rush order.

Ice Rink Liners

Ice rink liners: 60′ x 145′ ice rink liners are only available by Transport Truck LTL shipment or pick-up.

Our Ice Rink Liners are, multi season heavy duty, factory welded with no separation of layers, 7 layer tough, 7 PLY, no fillers , no recycled material,  just PURE white ice rink poly.

General info:

  1. We buy factory direct therefore they are reasonably priced.
  2.  If you choose not to save them (and many don’t), then they are reasonable to replace.
  3.  Our successes are shown as neighbors ordering for neighbors and they can be found on the same streets in towns and cities just like yours.
  4. We have used a our premium white liner/tarp for 24 years and enjoy the ease of use and work-ability.
  5. This product has an extremely high cold crack resistance.
  6.  The Liners are tough and have a long life as seen in the 9 Month Thumb Test.
  7.  They have a stretch factor built in for covering lumps or bumps in your yard surface and thumbs as demonstrated in the 9 Month Thumb Test.
  8. Quick tip: run your water and allow the ice rink liner to settle before fastening to your frame.
  9. We also stock and highly recommend our ice rink liner clips as they hold your liner in place while it is settling.
  10. Remember the heavier it is the harder it is to work with and when and if you drop it or drag it the greater possibility of damage. These ice rink liners are very worthwhile when trying to save and re use for following years with the L.P.S. (Liner Protection System)

It doesn’t matter how thick your white rink liner is if you don’t have a way to protect it from skates, pucks, snowblowers, Zamboni’s, figure skate pics, shovels etc etc etc.

This is an informal discussion on replacement poly tarp liners, lines, limbs and living with your rink

No doubt about it, it is a big project and the more you want out of it, the bigger it is. The bigger it is, the more you get out of it. So let’s talk about managing your liner poly tarp, the most critical piece of equipment, the most important single item in your rink assembly. No matter your rink style, and we have several to show you on this site, the liner is important. It holds all your water in place and awaits the freeze. When you purchase the very best poly liners your task at hand is easy and the results are fantastic. Add to this the most comprehensive accessories and you have spectacular. Your rink only comes one way, Your way! This is why we give you choices.  This is also why we include in every ice rink kit an instruction manual. We invite you to view our YouTube library which includes a very valuable ice rink maintenance and repair section called “The 3 Smooth Ice Surface Killers” and “After the Storm”. When you have accurate info, you will get the job done right. Just remember, learning the simple systems to success are critical. We supply you with as much info as you care to have.

  • Leaves, branches and anything dark on your rink surface will cause solar melt. This includes red and blue lines with the exception of our brand new multi functional red line/blue line GripnGo.
  • Our multi season heavy 7 ply white on white liner and  most offerings are white in appearance.
  • The 60′ wide product is Black side down and White side up premium film.
  • We guarantee the layers won’t separate on this factory welded product.
  • There is a stretch factor built in to these white rink liners as well but, no guarantee if you over stretch them.
  • They have a rip stop built in. This means that if you puncture one it doesn’t rip for 3 feet like a garbage bag.
  • Educate yourself with our 3 different media forms. YouTube videos, the Paper Instructions included with all ice rink kits and our free info Blogs.
  • Our white ice rink liners are ultra strong and now our multi season ultimate heavy duty 7 ply product is even stronger and could be used for 3 years or more if you are using the Liner Protection System.
  • Remember that you will be positioning this white ice rink liner next to or within fractions of inches to skates and pucks and shovels and snow blowers.
           The quality you expect, the service you deserve! It is simple, we want you to be successful.

The Ice Rink Liner Protection System is the Answer.

As noted skates are the number 1 enemy of liner integrity.

If you wish to save your white tarp liner then you need to protect it with puck board or a kick plate or frame guard or as we call it your Liner Protection System.  It is located in a very busy, high traffic and dangerous area. You probably have seen the video already called “The 9 Month Thumb Test” . If you wish to save your liner, reduce board solar melt or want the best rink on the block, LPS (Liner Protection System) is what you need. Wanna be a rink master?……..call us 1.800.448.6648  We are happy to help with the best and most forward thinking, easy to use and flexible products ever. Look for our “Presto Install” accessories.

Real Rinks for Real Yards. Get the ultimost from your ultimate!

Testimonials From other Ultimate Rinkers

After using my 24’x32′ liner for 5 years, I am back to get my replacement. Spectacular!

Jeremy Steinberg, Ontario

THANK YOU ONCE AGAIN Your backyard rink  liner saved the day. My dog jumped off the porch and it held. No Punctures.

THANKS for the quick turnaround every year. Nice to see you have 7 ply white ice rink plastic.

Paul, Burlington

It was sooooooo nice to see an awesome backyard ice rink and rink  liner tarp website and product from Canada!!

Alicia Martens

GREAT PRODUCT…. We ordered a outdoor rink  liner from you last year and we recommend it to all our friends. Here is our order for this year. Linda Donaghy Ajax

First year with an ice rink poly liner, did it the old fashioned way the last few years. Great pricing and good service.

Rich Miziolek

Here we grow again, its our 3rd year and we expanding again. We will need a new ice rink  liner. We love the versatility of your system.

Shawn Wheeler

Hi Outdoor Rink Crew,  I was so happy with your product last year, I am back for more. Thank you for offering so much info and help.

Brent Wilcox, Manotick On.




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