Basement, Boardroom and Office Rinks

Thanks for joining us! We are now establishing our library of basement rinks on this page. Lately we have been sending out Kickplates, Dasher Boards, Corner Seats, Sill Bands and Sill Caps not to mention Red Line and Blue Line stripes for attachment to the walls of boardrooms, basements and doctors offices who have a children based patient practice. If you aren’t sure what  Sill Caps, Sill Bands Dasher Boards are then  Custom DIY Basement Rinks and More…

vertical strips between plexi  

Basement Rink Corner. Step by step how to install


Basement Rink Corners


Indoor Hockey Rink


indoor Basement Rink

Hockey Panels Basement Rink



Ultimate Rink on New England Sports Network

In 2014 The Ultimate Outdoor Rink joined forces with the New England Sports Network for the ultimate promotion. Win a backyard rink!  It was the best promotion they ever had. Here are the hi-lights from 2014!!!

Scroll down for details on how you can win an Ultimate Outdoor Rink …..


Getting Started.                                                          Rink Box Completed

IMG_0656IMG_0693                                 Liner, water and support 45’s                              Working on the backboards


IMG_0657 IMG_0690                Almost finished…..                                                           Done and hamming it up.


IMG_0691 True Masterpiece

The Ultimate Rink. A True Masterpiece!!!


2014 NESN interviews Brian Young of The  Ultimate Rink 

between periods Ottawa vs. Boston.


2014 Article on The NESN  Win an “Ultimate Outdoor Rink” Contest. Click Link Below.

Stay Tuned for all the details of the 2015 promotion by watching the Boston Bruins on  NESN (The New England Sports Network) Many home games carried by other networks will have the NESN feed. 


2015 promotion:

Click here to enter for your chance to win an Ultimate Backyard Rink through NESN…