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so much more! Our survey response returned

an average backyard rink water depth of 12″

Don’t be fooled by how flat your rink site grass surface may look. A 1% grade will

get deep over 50′ (you wont notice a 1% grade) and before you know it

you have a 6″ drop or more, from end to end.  In order to have

at least 3″ of ice in the shallow end you would then need 9″ of water in your deep end.

This means you will NEED extra support to hold the water pressure

from inside your rink frame. Below is your very valuable chart. 

15″ – 18″ of water requires a Rink Stake 5 in 1 and a 22″ Support 45 every 2′

12″ – 15″ of water requires a Rink Stake 5 in 1 and a 17″ Support 45 every 3′

8″ – 11″ of water requires a Rink Stake 5 in 1 and a 17″ Support 45 every 4′-6′

5″ – 7″ of water requires a Rink Stake 5 in 1 every 6′-8′ (no Support 45 needed)

Up to 4″ of water requires a Rink Stake 5 in 1 every 10′-12′ (no Support 45 needed

We have built our business giving great advice and we address a sloped rink site front and center. 


If you wish a level top rink frame which equates to the best rink on the block then

the below video will show you the way. These preparation videos are in order of how you should view them.

Make notes or view 2 times. Preparation is your key to success. Watch videos twice!!!!!!

Yes you will need to use a line level and determine your slope as seen in video below.


The below video shows you how to handle those more extreme slopes up to 16″


Building Your Rink and Installing Accessories

A video description of the assembly of your Ultimate accessories

for best rink on the block.



This video assists you in the know how to set up your basic backboards

including catch mesh and vertical uprights to hold everything in place.


Although we now do not have the resource to stock these Center Ice Art  items

we feel this video is great if you plan to do your own thing at Center Ice.


Preventive Maintenance Video.


After the “stormy weather” video. The clean up part after the

storm and it’s all frozen up and not what you want for smoooth!


Under water patch for your swimming pool or your ice rink.

Make sure your liner is clean and not covered in algae or particles.

********Product Information********

This is a stunning video showing how amazing our 5 in 1 J-Brace rink stake

as a high end performer and as the premier rink stake in the backyard rink world.




Because the backyard rink “dirty little secret” is that everyone has a slope.

We address it full on and have always given you solutions

and products to set you up for success. YOU NEED TO KNOW THIS !


Basic recreation room video. More ideas on the following page link

including puck ledges, presto install corners and real rink trims.

Kick Plate,Puck Board,Top Stripe.