Puck Board, Rec Room Rinks, Backyard Rinks, Snowboard

Puckboard is the same material used on the inside of hockey arenas everywhere throughout North America. It is also called rink board, arena board or puck board. It is tough and durable and takes much abuse. It doesn’t crack or split or breakdown like many other materials. It is the ultimate for covering your snowboard ramps and boxes. It can be cut with a regular saw and shaved, chiseled or drilled to fit your exacting standards. It is slippery and snowboards slide very well on the surface. It looks fantastic on Rec Room Rinks and in your backyard. It’s another Canadian made product we are proud of !
Please be aware we are not responsible for any discrepancies in, or on your Rec Room flooring or in, or on your Rec Room walls regarding level.

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