You may just want to be left out in the cold!

Contractor Approved for ease of set up, functionality and completeness of kit. We include all of the essential building materials in a simple and easy kit! Combine this with our informative, easy to understand YouTube videos and you are all set. Don’t bother searching for each and every building part, when you can buy them all combined into an ice rink kit! Get your 32″ Ultimate Flooder for just $79. when you buy any size rink kit. Just $89. if you want the Ultimate Flooder Wide. NOW with our easy on and easy off towel. Get the Ultimost from your Ultimate!!

Want The Best Rink on the Street? See “Accessories” for the wow factor!
Did you know that you could have an amazing rink, complete with all the accessories for less than a great pair of skates? Now that’s value!

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