You may just want to be left out in the cold!
Tools and maintenance are an integral part of your backyard rink. The Ultimate Flooder is portable, easy to store and easy to use. The Ultimate Squeegee is perfect for eliminating any excess water on your rink surface that is the result of today’s up and down weather patterns with rain. Pair it with our Grate PuckgoRound for easy water removal. Let Mother Nature freeze your surface again and then turn on the water and let the Ultimate Flooder do it’s job spreading cool, warm or hot water.  High points are melted filling any low areas and giving you the ultimate surface you desire and it happens 60% faster than a spray nozzle on your hose.  Not only will you achieve the best ice surface possible but the best outdoor backyard ice rink for the family.  Your ice maintenance tools will perfect your ice in a simple, quick, and expert way

People will think you hired a professional! All prices are in Canadian Funds

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