Model 2016 and 25th Anniversary Rink DIY System Accessories


The 5′ TRU Board System is now ready. This page accessories features small items like screws and Suport 45’s.

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For Puckboard accessories to complement your Ultimate Rink go to Kick Plate, Puck Board, Top Stripe

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See our new, stunning TRU Board System design now available for the 2018/2019 season for your build/assembly process leading you to a quick, easy install. Presto Install is designed to assist you in a fast assembly process. The Presto Install is relative to the amount of rink space you desire. For example, if you wish for a basic rink kit size, then your Presto Install would take a substantially less amount of time than your TRU Rink System Presto Install. We are sure when you admire the full TRU System Ultimate Rink you will understand that this rink would take longer to install. Presto Install means faster set up times and faster tear down times and is indeed directly related to the size of your Ultimate Rink and the amount of WOW factor!! Real Rinks for Real Yards!! Get the Ultimost from your Ultimate.

The TRU Corner with the 22.25″ height and 60″ arc length consists of 2 levels. The lower level TRU Corner features a Puck Board Dasher that allows your puck to go round and inserts into our patented Liner Protection System. The lower and the upper level are available separately. The upper level features a piece of Lexan (Plexi Glass). With our versatile Ultimate Ripple Wire connection process, you are able to fasten many functional and aesthetic accessories to your Ultimate Rink TRU  Corner System easily and quickly. Real rinks for real yards.

Our Ultimate Ripple Wire incorporated into the patented TRU Rink System will assist in fastening of the following:

  1. Signage for advertising or Your Family Name
  2. Rope lighting for night time skates and hockey
  3. Extension cords for safety and tidy practices
  4. Lexan (Plexi Glass)
  5. Puck Board

DIY  APPROX. PRICE PER FOOT OF ALL BLING ACCESSORIES. We have included several labelled rink images so you can understand the names of the various components.

If you aren’t sure then call us 800.448.6648

  • TEP (Top Edge Protect) If you are using 2″ x ‘s your your 25th edition rink our images show 2” x 12”s. The Top Edge  would be 1.5” wide x ?L comes with all services bevelled and drilled countersunk $1.45 per running foot. Smaller rinks with 2″x 8″s and other 2″Xs use Top Edge Protect as their bling factor and to protect the top edge.
  • TEP shown on the face as a bling red stripe @ 1.5” x ?L (same size as black Top Edge) $1.45 per running foot. You can use Top Edge for any bling stripe you wish.
  • Outer Cladding in 1/4″ all colors approx 5.25” x ?L all service includes bevels, drill and countersunk 16″ OC. $3.50 per running foot
  • Dasher Inner white 1/8” puckboard roll named LPS in 8″ W(Liner Protection) based on 2”x 12”s which are actually 11.25” in width. $1.20 per running foot no services.

TRU Corners include 1/4″ white Dasher lower level and plexi upper level. Dbl stack TRU Corners measure 22.5” high. Ordering 2 sets of TRU Corner lowers is also an option as they stack. This would present as 22.5″ H corner with white Dasher corner face plate @ 60″ arc length. Current set of 4 $1099.

  • Lower Ice Level *TRU System set of 4 (includes puckboard dasher and solid steel TRU Corner) set of 4 $1100.   Total height 11.12″ Colors available red, blue, silver.
  • Upper Level *TRU System set of 4 includes (Lexan trade name) Plexi and solid steel TRU Corner $1300.  Total height of 2 corners dbl stack 22.25″ Colors available red, blue, silver.
  • Kickplate in 1/8″ yellow x 4″ width .66 per running ft. Sold in 4″ x 50′ rolls. (no services)
  • Kickplate in 1/4″ (all 6 colors) 5.25″ W x ?L $3.50 per running ft. (full services) plain available
  • Kickplate in 1/4″(all 6 colors) 7.7/8″ W x ?L $4.25 per running ft.(full services) plain available
  • Sill Cap in 1/4″ (all 6 colors) 3.75″ W x ?L  $3.25  per running ft.  (full services) plain available
  • Colored matching screws per 100 $10. bag
  • Kickplate colors available are as follows. black, blue, grey, red, golden yellow, reg yellow, white.

All prices above are approximate for your budget purposes. These are approximate prices for the DIY rink builder who wants something more in his/her backyard rink.



NOTE: You are responsible for all safety in regards to assembly and usage of your Ultimate Outdoor Rink. Fasten all corners to the board system you choose and all board systems to the ground with adequate rink stakes and supports. 

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Weight 6 lbs
Dimensions 11 × 48 × 1 in


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