5′ TRUC Corner System Complete set of 4.



2018/19  22.25″ H   “TRUC” system is available as a single lower level at 11.12″ x 60″ arc length. The lower level features a Puck Board Back Plate with an ice side Dasher. The Dasher is the Puck Board facing the inside of any rink.  If you wish a 22.25″ board height in total, a second exact same TRUC Corner can be stacked to Presto Install your upper level.  Show off your second level by featuring a Plexi Dasher for stunning good looks. It can now feature revenue generating ads, family name or team logos if wanted or needed.
The TRUC Corner System 2018/2019 version has morphed into a one piece format featuring a 60″ total arc length. Just watch what we will do next with this amazing one piece format TRUC Corner. Our 25th Anniversary edition in black, red, silver and white is now ready for your perusal. Also shown with yellow Kickplates.

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TRUC Rink System Complete and ready for your skate.

Deliberated, Designed, Developed and Decided

The Rink Ultimate Corner (as shown) has 2 levels featuring 22.25″ Height. One level is available at 11.12″ Height.
See the new Ultimate TRUC Board System design which gives total Liner Protection.
But first, let us talk about the”TRUC” System with talent (TRUC is pronounced TRUCK /trʌk/ )

Each patented TRUC Corner lower level consists of 1 section (11.25″ H x 60″ L). Shown in gallery is the 2015/2016 version at the full 96″ arc length, 2 piece TRUC Corner System. Your 2018/2019 TRUC corner will now feature a 60″ arc length in 1 piece for easier install and shipping. This comes with 2 pieces of Puck Board. The first piece of Puck Board assembled becomes your Back Plate and sits in behind the second Puck Board Dasher PuckGoRound corner. The Back Plate Puck Board and the built-in Puck Board channel are now the system that enables the Liner Protection System. See the image gallery for more details.  The Puck Board Dasher and Back Plate cable tie to the Ripple Wire for absolutely incredible assembly. All Puck Board and Plexi are pre-drilled for your cable tie “Presto Install.” No nuts and bolts in this design.

Each patented 2017/2018  TRUC Corner upper level is the same size as the lower level featuring 1 piece of 11.12″ H x 60″ L TRUC. If you are envisioning a 22.25″ high board system, the upper level now stacks, fitting into the lower level (upright), giving you a stunning look and locking everything into place. The Rink Ultimate TRUC Corner now has a 22.25″ H x 60″ L finished look. The upper level comes with a piece of Plexi which sits in its channel for easy cable tie to the Ultimate Ripple Wire.  The Plexi upper level, or Puck Board lower level, is cable tied to the Ripple Wire where necessary and is included in both upper and lower levels. This allows you ease of attachment of lights (not included), advertising and personalized signage like Wolves, Sharks, Eagles or Bulldogs (not included).

EACH LOWER SET IS SOLD AS ONE COMPLETE 4 CORNER RINK. This includes 1 piece per corner each equaling a 11.12″ H x 60″ L arc length and is comprised of 4 pieces per rink.


Please Note: The NEW TRUC Corner system will incorporate with every board design we have seen:

  • Plywood
  • 2″ x 12″s (equals 22.25″ H)
  • Our new offset 2″x 4″ Ultimate TRUC Board System (see below…)
  • Others

The best fit for TRUC Corners are board heights of 22″- 22.25″  or  2 @ 2″ x 12″ (totaling 22.25″) OR see our new TRUC Board System featured in a cross section below

This a cut away shot for your viewing of the components used in this premium TRUC Board System.

Puck Board Dasher for side boards with Liner Protection and 2″ x 6″ bottom sill

The 2″ x 4″ frame with built in Liner Protection and lower Sill Plate 2″ x 6″ framing

… And now, the The Rink Ultimate Corner (TRUC) marries itself to The TRUC Boards and Framing 2″ x 4″ set up.  You can create your new boards with this clever lower 2″ x 6″ set up. When assembled, you now have Liner Protection around your entire rink including the TRUC Corner AND you should be able to work from the outside perimeter for installation. This will minimize all possibility of liner puncture. You should not need to walk on your liner with this set up. One of the biggest issues is liner punctures during set up with inexperienced volunteers not realizing the importance of the liner integrity. See the pictures in the picture gallery or the 2″ x 4″ Ultimate Rink Board System above. Take note of the 2″ x 6″ lower frame, allowing for a several inch wide buffer so your Puck Board Dasher will sit nicely previous to your attachment. This again will minimize slipping off and accidental puncture of your liner during install. Two person install is recommended. The 25th Anniversary rink set up is a different rink design with SOS (Step Over Sides) and is shown in many images with silver TRUC Corners, red, white and black accents.

The Ultimate!! Real Rinks for Real Yards. It is for you!!


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Upper & Lower, Upper Tier 11.12" x 60" with Plexi, Lower Main 11.12"x 60" with Puckboard


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