Basement Rink Puck Ledge System Install




Ulti mate your Puck Ledge Corner System with White Puck Board (Dashers), Sill Caps, Sill Bands and Kickplates.

Please be advised that all 4′ and 8′ product will be trimmed by 1/2″ to meet shipping regulations for best shipping prices.

For the puck ledge Corner System the below 41″ stud wall would continue into the corner and the Wall Corner would attach top and bottom to this stud wall as per picture. After the Wall Corner Frame has been installed then attach single dasher 41″ x 40″ by sliding it into place using the channel in the Wall Corner Bracket.  Finally install end to end the widths and lengths using the guidelines in the Wall Corner set up pictorial.




The above image shows an empty space where your rink length and width would meet shown by the bright spot in the image.

Width and length need to meet in each corner for a Puck Ledge rec room rink concept.

Your 41″ H stud wall corner # 1  would start from your first corner and you would work your way down the rink length to corner #2 and so on.


Basement Rink Corners

The above install was done with a white Corner Cap hence the finished look in the corner being white.

Add very cool style points by lighting the corner from below up through well placed light vents.


Need  a  Gate


Basement Rink Gate

       Hockey Rink Gate
31″W x 41″H    $375. plus                    shipping.




Additional information

Weight 28 lbs
Dimensions 35 × 35 × 3 in


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