Basement Rink Wall Corners


Basement Rink Corner Options:


1.Basement rink Wall Corner presto install is here.

Basement Rink Corner. Step by step how to install


2. Basement rink Puck Ledge Corner presto install – Coming Soon!

Basement Rink Corners






Basement Wall Corners Are Here!!!


Our product development team have created 2 Basement Rink Corner options for your full rink set up against a wall. Both patented Basement Rink Corners Systems will seamlessly integrate into either a plain wall (here now) or a puck ledge wall (yet to be released). Talk about authentic……actually we are inclined to say “Ultimate”

Each corner features 2 frame pieces that accommodates the Dasher Board by sliding it into your Wall Tru Corner. They, then can be part of your continuous Dasher Board wall system.   They are sold by the corner at $159. Each set of 2 frame pieces with 1 top and 1 bottom are manufactured  in powder coated white enamel.  Puck/bottle ledge system coming soon! Either option can be shipped all over North America for a reasonable shipping cost. Stellar!!! Keep your children out of hot water. Put them on Synthetic Ice.

All prices are in Canadian funds.

Synthetic Ice

Coming Soon!



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Wall Corner, Puck Ledge Corner


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