Kick Plate, Dasher Board, Top Stripe. “Stay at home and be safe!”


Kick Plate, Dasher Board, Top Stripe options and all puck board arena board material are keys to assembling your Indoor Rink or your Outdoor Rink and are paramount to your  customization and look. Most colors of your fav team, or your son’s and daughter’s team are represented here in Kick Plate, Dasher and Top Stripe.

Regarding Shipping of Kickplates, Sill Bands and Sill Caps: We are under construction with our pricing for shipping. Please call the office and we will manually do the shipping and take your order from here. 1 800 448 6648.

Kick plates sizes are

48″ L x  5.25″W  x 1/4″

96″L  x  7 7/8″W  x 1/4″

Order as you need for either Top Stripe or Kick Plate, Sill Band, Sill Cap and Dasher.


Below are links for other puckboard products for your multi use indoor sports room or outdoor rink.


 Sill Cap, Sill Bands

Kickplates, Top Stripes

4’x8′ puckboard sheets for walls and boards

easily shipped dasher wall panels and boards



Get the Ultimost from your Ultimate with Kick Plates, Dasher Board and Top Stripes.


Select your size and color with “choose an option”… on it, and the price will show up!




Kick Plate, Dasher Board, Top Stripe are all represented well in our puck board product lines including Top Edge Protect (TEP).  We carry  7 different colors of accent puck board including Onyx Black, Leaf Blue, Wings Red, Bruins Yellow, Lemon Yellow, Grey, and White. The colors are not exact duplicate to those teams as mentioned but a very good representation.


A stunning customization is at your fingertips. We have what it takes. Presto Install Kick Plate, Dasher Board and Top Stripe options and easy ordering of functional products that can be used in either your backyard or Rec Room location is paramount in today’s COVID (stay at home and be safe) world.


Footnote. In the Kick Plate, Dasher Board and Top Stripe product gallery you will see our Line kit. This is available for those who wish lines on either their Backyard Rink or their Indoor Rink. They are assembled as per picture in the gallery and in conjunction with your puck board Kick Plate, Dasher Boards and Top Stripe and are available in the Hockey Stuff Section  Also Shown in the gallery are 6 colours  of T.E.P. and they appear in the Ultimate Rink Accessories section.  Excluded in the gallery is Bruins Yellow. The amazing Corner Seat in 4 colors is also shown there.

Any questions or help needed, you are still number one after the sale is done.

Resident rink Guru with over 28 years experience at    1 800 448 6648.  A True Master.



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Kickplate 5.25"x48", Kickplate 5.25"x48"Bevelled, Kickplate 5.25"x48" DCR, Kickplate 5.25"x96", Kickplate 5.25"x96" Bevelled, Kickplate 5.25"x96" DCR, Kickplate 7 7/8"x96", Kickplate 7 7/8"x96" Bevelled, Kickplate 7 7/8"x96" DCR


Red, Blue, Yellow, Black, Grey, Bruin Yellow, White

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