Ultimate Rink Accessories Sill Cap, Sill Bands



Excluding the frame material, here are the 9 basic components of the TRU Board System and they are shown in the image gallery to the left.

  1. The TRU Puckboard Dasher Inner. (ice surface side) White
  2. The TRU Puckboard Outer Cladding.  White
  3. The wooden Back Plate. (outer frame components) Red
  4. The Support 45’s. Red
  5. The amazing 5 in 1 Rink Stake. Black
  6.  The Sill Cap is labeled in our main product gallery image (cap for 2″x4″ board system).
  7. The Board System Sill Band. Red inner accent band on red side. Blue inner band accent on ramp side
  8.  Liner Protection/Kickplate. Yellow at ice level.
  9. Detailing: Colored matching screw’s

Please note if you are looking for a wider Sill Band you have 3 options:

  1. A 1.5″ Sill Band (also called TEP)
  2.  A 3.75″ Sill Cap (used as a Sill Band)
  3. A 5.25″ Kickplate (used as a Sill Band)


Puckboard Best Rink Accessories

The TRU Board System was developed to compliment the TRU Corner System. The TRU Board System features 4′ modular set up with a real rink look. When built in it’s modular format it becomes a *Presto Install. All modular components when installed on your grass may require shims, wedges or lifts to assist in your straight and level line as you work your way down your rink length and width. This is just the way it works on your imperfect irregular lawn and believe us when we say no ones lawn is perfect.  As seen in our images complete with shims you will barely notice any site imperfections. The TRU Corner and Board System is designed for yards with a **1% grade or less. ***Safety during assembly is paramount. ****Imperfect Lawns.

The one piece 2017/18 TRU Corner System with a 60″ arc length has seen 3 years of product development. This ultimate product features it’s own Liner Protection System, Presto Install with modular set up, durability and functionality with the stack-able TRU Corner components for different height applications. Fasten rope light or string light in your back yard or in a public setting  and attach sponsor advertising to  the built in TRU Corner Wiggle Wire to help offset your costs and add to the wow factor. It’s Real Rinks for Real Yards. It’s for you!

*Presto Install:

A quick and easy set up with maximum results for presentation and curb appeal. Your original assembly and build efforts that take place in your first months previous to rink season sets you up for your Presto Install  later  in the same year or in year #2. At first rink seasons end you will number your modular components and record any details pertinent to set up for the following season. Set up the following season will be quick and easy. Of course this is all relative to your storage, assembly, removal and documentation of your modular components. We measure areas like distance from back deck and drive way to document for exact install or improved tweak of location in succeeding years for Presto Installs.

** 1% grade

A 1% grade over a 50′ rink length will amount to 8″ water/ice in deep end with a bare minimum of 2″ of ice in your shallow end.   This is why we prefer the grade be less than 1% for this amazingly stunning rink result in your backyard or in your public areas.


Safety during assembly is paramount.  It is noted the rink builders responsibility for safety during set up solely  resting with him/her. All edges and  corners are to be smooth, flat and have seams that meet perfectly. Proper equipment needs to be worn with every appearance on your Ultimate Rink and while enjoying the TRU Rink System.

**** Imperfect Lawns

After 25 years of building rinks in every setting, on every surface, in every weather condition and handling a myriad of sloped situations we understand what it takes in your backyard. There isn’t a perfect yard anywhere unless you have spent time on it. Shims, lifts and fills are a normal phenomena. Dips and hollows and slopes are a regular occurrence.  CHECK YOUR SLOPE AND SPEND TIME ON YOUR YARD ONCE TO SAVE YOU SOME GRIEF PREVIOUS TO YOUR ASSEMBLY PROCESS. THIS IS THE ROOT OF YOUR SUCCESS. We have been advancing the art of backyard rink making for 25 years. We know!! We can answer any question you may have and direct you with professional advice and not just to make the sale.

Ice and Water  Level Specs for TRU Rink Systems

The TRU Rink System shows at it’s very best when your site is level. Everything works better. Everything looks better and everything is faster and easier. This is where “Presto Install” rocks! Spend time on your yard and the reward of that will astound you. What is “Presto Install?” When you assemble your rink for the first time in it’s ultimate state with matching colors and coordinated accessories the look is indeed ultimate. If you have assembled it in modular sections, the ease of it’s removal at seasons end in those same modular sections with colored kickplates and top stripes and sill bands allows you Presto Install” the following season. Real Rinks for Real Yards fast!

Ice surface minimum water depth 2″.  Ice surface maximum water depth 3″

Maximum slope over the width and or length 2″ for ultimate appearance.


TRU Rink Frame Modular System

Each modular component actual outer dimension size 22.25″ x 48″.

Modular Rink Framing Specs

Upper Horizontal Sill Plate 2″x 4″ x 48″

Lower Horizontal Sill Plate 2″x 6″ x 48″

Vertical 2@ 2″x4″ x 19″

25TH ANNIVERSARY RINK APPROX. RUNNING FT. COSTS (“all Services” means drilled and countersunk and bevelled edges where applicable.)

  • TEP (Top Edge) shown in black @ 1.50” width x 4’L   $1.38 per running foot
  • TEP shown on the face as a red stripe   @ 1.5” x 4’L (same size as black Top Edge)  $1.38 per running foot
  • Outer Cladding in 1/4″ white approx 5.25” x  ?L (same material as dasher inside) all service includes bevels, drill and countersunk  16″ OC.  $3.50 per running foot
  • Outer Cladding in 1/4″ black approx 5.25” x  ?L  all service includes bevels and drill and countersunk 16″ OC.  $3.50 per running foot. Option can be used inside ice side as well.
  • Dasher Inner white 1/8” puckboard roll named LPS (Liner Protection) based on 2”x 12”s which are actually 11.25” in width. $1.50 per running foot no services.
  • Transition pieces from SOS (step over sides) to TRU Corners   not priced

TRU Corners include 1/4″ white Dasher lower level and plexi upper level. Dbl stack TRU Corners measure 22.5” high

  • Lower Ice Level *TRU System set of 4 (includes puckboard dasher and solid steel TRU Corner)  $1280. set of 4.
  • Upper  Level *TRU System set of 4 includes plexi (Lexan is the trade name) dasher and solid steel TRU Corner)  $1400. set of 4  Upper level can be a second lower level dbl stacked.
  • Kickplate in 1/8″  x 4″ W yellow  .66 per running ft. 
  • Kickplate in 1/4″ x  5.25″ W    all colors $3.50 per running ft.
  • Kickplate in 1/4″ x 7 7/8″ W   all colors $4.25 per running ft.
  • Colored matching screws per 100    $10. bag

Not sure of the service levels desired?  Basically 2 levels are available. 1. Plain  2. Bevelled edges where necessary, drilled and countersunk 16”OC.

We have priced for services here for your maximum approx. quote. Plain is available at a lesser cost.

  • Support 45’s where necessary to secure the frame length and width $5.50 ea.
  • 5in 1 Rink Stake where necessary  up to $6.50 ea.
  • End pieces include Dasher on inside and cladding on the outside at approx. same size being 24” x ?L   $6.38 per running foot. No services. Plain cut.

We always suggest when budgeting that you add another 10-15% for items you may wish or costs not included in this quote.

For best results a level site is ideal.

We do not include wood costs as your price may be different in your own home town.

Hope this helps out. Let us know if you have any thoughts, issues or discussion.

Your resident rink GURU….Brian Young.


Additional information

Weight 12 lbs
Dimensions 11 × 48 × .05 in
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