Custom DIY Basement Rinks and More…

Glad you could join us here!! We are assembling our Basement Rink Gallery so you can view all the options.  Stay Tuned. We are excited to show you this creativity. Some are custom cuts and some are standard off the shelf, out of the shop pieces of Dasher Boards and Kickplates, Sill Bands and Sill Caps. Below you will see our backyard rinks with labelled components to help you identify the parts of a basement rink or an outdoor rink. The same names are also identified on a professional rink.

Parts List for Classic Ultimate Rink


Parts List for Ultimate Rink Model 2016


Parts List for 25 Anniversary Edition


Below are a few images sent our way after we have partnered with these very proud basement rink owners and builders. Helmets off to some fine fine work! You have our admiration.


Basement Rink Rec Rink

DIY Basement Rinks

Basement Rink Ultimate Rink 2018

Basement Rink Rec Room Rink

Rec Room Reception Area Rink Decor and Design

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