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The Ultimost Big Ice Rink Category. Our Big Ultimate’s! IT’S BIG TIME, SHOW TIME!


When you are looking for the most comprehensive Big Ice Rink Packages we’ve got Contractor Approved products.  Contractor approved for ease of assembly, durability, flexibility and for multi use modular products for expansion to a bigger rink.

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NEW in 2018/19, introducing our new 7 ply  heavy duty liners.  Ideal for large outdoor rinks,  home rinks and community rinks.

If you have a Big Ultimate rink the the only 2 words used for a description other then “wow” would be “The Rink”

These new 7 ply liners work great with our brand new Tru Corner System. (Pronounced True) The Tru Corner now features a 60″ arc length and will be a stunning addition to “The Rink” you are so proud of. It’s 60″ arc length is very revolutionary by its design and  allows for easy integration into your assembly process. Can be used with 2″x12″s and/or plywood boards or our new TRUC Board System with 2″x4″  frame and 2″x6″ sill plate with built in (by design) liner protection system. See photo gallery for pictures.  

 More personalization and customization are at your finger tips with Tru Corners. There’s nothing like easy integration and functionality. Some accessories are functional and some just turn heads.  When you have both…..JACKPOT!”

Brought to you by the worlds top outdoor rink guru and  designer Brian Young and his team.  

All you do is pick your choice of board material. As much as we love our boards in the 2″x 8″ or 2″x 10″ concept for smaller outdoor rinks there are several other options for you to see. The simple plywood option, the 2″ x ?’s  option as mentioned and it has been shared with us by our amazing Ultimate Rinkers that our products work with almost all rink board materials. Featured to the left in the gallery is our new Liner Protect 2″x 4″ Tru Board System,  “rink side” view and “backside” view. Yes you can claim this clever little design to protect your liner with an easy install for your self. Check out the video on our video page coming soon.

Please be aware of using thin plywood and wood products that are pressed and held together with glues. These are not adequate for sloped yards and for longevity. You are investing in a rink concept for your backyard,  for family and friends, and for years of outdoor winter time fun and recreation. We will supply you with the guidance and the product to get it done right. Great advice by our rink guru after a quarter of a century of doing it right.

PLEASE CALL FOR A DISCUSSION ON BEST  RATE SHIPPING for the Big Ultimates, our new Tru Corner System and all puck board options and accessories. Advance notice to confirm your Tru Corner  System is advised for 2017/2018. Feel free to inquire about Tru Corner

1 800 448 6648  1 800 (GIT ON IT)  White premium multi season premium heavy duty  7 ply poly liner with U.V. , rip stop, cold crack resistance and stretch factor. The NEW Gold standard world class ice rink poly is available in 7 plys right now. Check it out……a true Multi Season tough liner with U.V. and the most plys in the industry. More plys, more strength. Simple Fact!

See our Ultimate Liner, 9 Month Thumb Test  YouTube  Video.

  • Ice rink kits contain…..
    • Patch kit
    • Complete Manual (20 + years of experience) compiled on 17 awesome pages and definitely a keeper.
    • Mending plates (8 or more) depends on rink size
    • Corner L brackets (8)
    • Screws (100 or more) depends on rink size
    • Line level
    • 1/2  dozen Support 45’s for assistance with sites that have a slope. Larger rinks have 12.
    • Exclusive, perfect fastening system… the amazing 5 in 1 Rink Stake.
    • 5 in 1 Rink Stake quantities are 1 per 12′ of framing. 5 in 1’s are your rink freedom and used everywhere around your rink. You would not typically use the 5 in 1 Rink Stake on your corner so this leaves you with 4 extras for those areas where you may have a deep water/ice situation.
    • Yes…Get the Ultimost from your Ultimate.
    • All you need to do is supply the wood  frame


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