Presto Tear Down Info & 25th Anniversary Edition Plaque




*Put your masterpiece away in just an hour…Practical and Playful.


* Presto Tear Down is currently shown in our photo gallery, a mere 45-60 minutes to disassemble your Ultimate Rink and put it away……..but eight months later is fall set up. When you are ready for set up, Ultimate Rink will feature a very short set up needing only a few screws and your drill.

Video coming soon! We will feature video and discussion of it’s attributes and ease of assembly for starters. The capabilities it has for Presto Install on a level site are revolutionary.

After your original assembly, in your first year, you can have a spectacular rink with the potential of a **1 hour set up and the look of a high end ultimate rink (with about 200 screws). This 25th Anniversary Special Edition rink will feature, as mentioned, Presto Install, Liner Protection, and transition pieces with Step Over Sides merging with our TRUC Corner System. Stunning and Ultimate!, practical and playful.


Presto Install is our name for a product or system that minimizes your annual set up and tear down times. This 25th Anniversary Special Edition Ultimate Rink System features our premium, ultimate look with fast set up and tear down times.

*1 hour set up  or tear down time will be dependent on the size of you rink and the number of accessories you have selected. In summary however, regardless of your vision, the time line for assembly will vary and will be be considerably faster than a standard set up, ideal for the busy world we live in.


Now we feature 4 different ways of protecting your liner.

25 years ago, we introduced Liner Protection (LPS). It has since evolved over the years and we have introduced another option that has been incorporated into our 25th Anniversary Presto Install Edition. Watch for the 25th Anniversary “how to” video in 2018. In the meantime the cold weather has arrived along with ice and snow.  We now showcase our completed 25th Anniversary Edition. 2 thumbs up!!!

TRUC Corners

Our 25th Anniversary edition of our TRUC Corners also features Liner Protection. These amazing patented corners took 4 years of product development and are finished and ready for our 25TH Anniversary. 



  • Stackable and interchangeable modular sections – If you wish a corner that can be used with a 2″ x 12″, The TRUC Corner fits perfectly. If you wish a rink that looks like our 25th Anniversary version, just stack 2 TRUC Corners, followed by the transition piece to your Step Over Sides. If you wish the height of a regulation rink, stack 4 for a total of 44″. Regulation Rink Height ranges from 42″ – 46″
  • Liner Protection with your liner placement – Your liner fits into the lower channel behind a Puck Board panel, therefore, hiding it from abuse of everyday rink use (including pucks, skates and snow clearing tools)
  • Ripple Wire or Wiggle Wire incorporated into each TRUC modular section – This allows for install of Plexi panels, Puck Board panels or advertising signage. Your family name and a logo and/or lighting for night time skates or hockey can also be Presto Installed with simple cable ties
  • Step Over Sides – When you run out of room during skating or the game, Step Over Sides allow you to escape with a simple step over. The side walls are tall enough to contain pucks and allow you the play of the game you love.

Your oasis in the middle of winter!  Happy to partner in your success!





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Weight 2 lbs

Red, Blue, Silver


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