PuckGoRound Corners (4)


PuckGoRound Corners

PuckGoRound Corners are amazingly simple, instant and go great with your Corner Seats. The rounded corners help keep the puck in play. Turn it into a storage area for pucks as well. And after all that play, children can take a seat inside the rink to relax, before the next match!

Coming soon a  new version PuckGoRound Corner  to help clear your rink of water when it rains in one of those mild spells. It is especially important to keep your rink clear of all water  previous to  a freeze as what follows next is almost always snow and wind. With very minimal water there is nothing for the blowing snow to stick to and your surface remains aaaamazing!!!


These are ready for Presto Install.


Presto Install means it takes very little time.


See pictures of PuckGoRounds and Corner Seats in action



Made in Canada

PuckGoRound Corners

PuckGoRound Corners come in a set of 4 and are drilled, countersunk and have beveled edges. There is even a calibrating screw hole for final detail install. If you have watched the video below, you will also know that there is a special storage place to keep your beer cold! Now that…. is Ultimate!!

**** Imperfect Lawns

After 25 years of building rinks in every setting, on every surface, in every weather condition and handling a myriad of sloped situations we understand what it takes in your backyard. There isn’t a perfect yard anywhere unless you have spent time on it. Shims, lifts and fills are a normal phenomena. Dips and hollows and slopes are a regular occurrence. SPEND TIME ON THIS ONCE TO SAVE YOU SOME GRIEF PREVIOUS TO YOUR ASSEMBLY PROCESS. We have been advancing the art of backyard rink making for 25 years. We know!! We can answer any question you may have and direct you with professional advice and this is not only to make the sale! We wish to be a part of your success!

Additional information

Weight 9 lbs
Dimensions 35 × 8 × 1 in

6"x35", 8"x35", 12"x35"

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