Ice Rink Scraper


We have discontinued  this item due to your shipping costs on this item. They have increased to over $40 per scraper to ship therefore putting their cost to you including shipping at $100. Simply put, the value no longer exists.

Due to the crazy up and down weather that takes place in our current winters we have introduced a new item. The Ultimate Squeegee. This can be shipped very reasonably due to the Squeegee being available with handle or without. If you require a handle it can be threaded to handle after it is received by you. Available on this maintenance page.



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Ice Rink Scraper is made of  and has a 20″ blade for edging, scraping and cleaning. This tool works great for frost, crusty snow, ice bumps and lumps and freezing rain. It’s able to help you achieve those crisp corners and edges you desire throughout all weather conditions.

Start by using the Ice Rink Scraper to clear your surface of any unwanted imperfections. Move your way around your ice surface from troubled spot to troubled spot scraping your way to your smooth surface. Remember that even if your surface is not to perfection, a light flood with water will bring it back to pristine condition. If you have some really large bumps you may need to use the pointed tip of one edge of your blade to chip away as opposed to a scrape. Then finish with a scrape and the Ultimate Flooder and smoother.

Be the Ultimate Rink Master! …..and yes you do it right here!

Ice Rink Scraper


JUST WANTED YOU TO KNOW that your rink was used 24/7. It became the place to be. Barbara Harding, Maine

YOU GUYS come highly recommended for guys that know how to build and maintain a backyard rink!!!
Patrick. Williamsville N.Y.


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Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 50 × 12 × 1 in
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