Community Rinks, Parks and Recs

Other ways of advertising your Community Rink or generating advertising revenue would be advertising on the TRU Corner Upper Plexi Panel

Bring Revenue to your community rink or light up the night.

TRU Corner System with lights for a stunning look


Below is the perfect opportunity to show when skate days are in affect and get sponsorship dollars as well. This roll comes in black and the print is in white. It is currently the only color option available. A plate is required for the printing of your logo and what you wish to say. eg: “Ice Rink is Ready”or “No skate Day” with your sponsors name as the second line. Roll it up when not needed.  Number of letters/words are limited. Criteria is based on size of letters and number of letters in the space allowed. Available on a 100′ roll in 77 gram fabric.

Plate Charge for stencil. (1 time fee) lg. max size 42″ long as shown below with Ultimate Rink stencil..

Ultimate Rink stencil, size as shown below is 42″ long  ( your stencil stays with printer for repeat orders)  1 time fee.  $750 cdn. funds for large stencil

Price per printed roll using your stencil, minimum 100′       $200. cdn funds

 (all repeat orders would be just $200 per 100′ roll after original stencil purchase)

Public Skating Fabric Fencing

2 Community rinks here. One for skating and one for hockey!

Community Rinks, Parks and Rec's

Festival Theatre Flats Winterfest Rink StratfordCommunity Rink Stratford Winterfest

Community Rinks, Parks and Recs

Community Rinks, Parks and Rec's

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